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Granted US Patents on Oryza sativa

US Patent Applications on Oryza sativa

U.S. Patent Applications: Number of Oryza sativa Sequences Referenced in Claims per Genome Segment

The blue bars in the plots below represent the number of sequences recited in the claims of U.S. patent applications that match a given 300 kilobase pair (kbp) segment of the rice genome. By match, we mean that the patent sequence is at least 150 base pairs in length and aligns with a rice genome sequence with a BLAST E value of 1e-200 or less. If there were multiple recited sequences matching the rice chromosome, only the highest scoring genome match was counted.

Summary of plots:

In contrast to the plots for the granted patents, these plots show that every segment of the rice genome matches 100 or more sequences recited in patent applications.

See the corresponding plots for the Arabidopsis genome landscape.

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