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Unmethylated CpG dinucleotides

The key patent families are co-owned by Coley Pharmaceuticals, University of Iowa, and the U.S. Government.  The earliest filing of patent applications has resulted in a huge extended family of patents and patent applications in Australia, Canada, China, Europe (Austria, Germany, Denmark, Portugal) Japan, Korea, New Zealand and the United States.  The broadest European and United States patents are presented in the table below.  Other European patents and United States patents are directed to CpG oligos for treatment of asthma, or ex vivo treatment of lymphocytes, and to CpG oligos having a defined sequence. 

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Subject matter of the claims

Lead claim

EP 0 772 619 B
expires 07 Feb 2015

Oligonucleotides at least 8 b long and contain at least one unmethylated CpG.  Oligos with unmethylated CpG and have a modification of the phosphate backbone.  Use of the adjuvant oligos in a vaccine for cancer, or infection. 

A composition, for use as a medicament, comprising a vaccine and a synthetic immunostimulatory oligonucleotide of at least 8 bases in size, which contains at least one unmethylated CpG dinucleotide and is an adjuvant for the vaccine.

US 7,402,572 B
expires 30 Oct 2016

Method of obtaining Th1 immune response (immunostimulation) by administering at least two doses of oligonucleotide sequence from 8-100 nt long and has at least one unmethylated CpG. 

A method for of promoting a Th1 immune response in a subject, the method comprising: administering to a subject a first dose of an immunostimulatory nucleic acid; and administering to the subject a second dose of an immunostimulatory nucleic acid, wherein the immunostimulatory nucleic acid comprises a nucleotide sequence comprising 5'-CG-3' having the formula X.sub.1X.sub.2CGX.sub.3X.sub.4, wherein C is unmethylated and X.sub.1, X.sub.2, X.sub.3 and X.sub.4 are nucleotides and wherein the immunostimulatory nucleic acid is between 8 and 100 nucleotides in length, and includes more than one CpG dinucleotide.

A second, smaller patent family owned by Coley Pharmaceutical, Ottawa Health Research Institute and University of Iowa claims a composition which is a synergistic combination of adjuvants, comprising at least one non-nucleic acid adjuvant and at least one unmethylated CpG oligonucleotide (e.g., US 6,406,705 B1).  Antigenics has a patent family directed specifically to the synergistic combination of a saponin and unmethylated CpG oligo (e.g., EP 1 104 306 B). 

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