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World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO

WIPO’s data coverage is small, with PCT documents available only from 1997, severely limiting its usefulness.  One advantage though, is the links to other documents such as the examination report and priority application(s). However, international reports can only be accessed as the PDF files, less readily searchable.

WIPO recognises the limitations of its data as a resource for finding prior art and improving the quality of patents internationally, and is working to improve this. WIPO has added full text search functionality for recent PCT applications to its on-line site and further improvements are promised. For the subset of applications that have this search functionality, terms can be searched within full text and claims. Terms can also be searched in French.

WIPO employees have been cooperating with CAMBIA and recognise consonance with the goals of CAMBIA’s BiOS Initiative.6  On the WIPO site, as on CAMBIA’s Patent Lens, it is possible to manually create a Boolean expression and it has the Boolean operator ‘NEAR’. The period range can be specified (by weekly increments only). Electronic descriptions are available and the claims can be readily accessed.

For status information, each individual document has a link to a chart describing the national phase entry deadline for PCT member States.



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