General Information About Intellectual Property in Indonesia

Structure and Organization of Indonesian Patent Office

Competent Administration

Department of Justice and Human Rights,

Directorate General of Intellectual Property Rights

Web site addresses


Jln. Daan Mogot Km. 24

Tangerang 15119


(62 21) 552 4992

552 4839

552 4994

552 5388


(62 21) 552 5366



Director General of Intellectual Property Rights

Name of Director

Mr. A. Zen Umar Purba

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The Indonesian patent office is organized under Directorate General of Intellectual Property Rights. 

Background of Patent Law in Indonesia

Indonesia became member of the PCT September 5, 1997. To align with GATT-TRIPS, the Indonesian Patent Office underwent significant changes in 1997. The patent term was changed to 20 years (as opposed to 14 years).  Indonesia has a “simple patent” process for inventions that are new but not necessarily non-obvious.  The term for “simple patents” increased from 5 years to 10 years from the grant date in 1997.  In addition, in 1997, specific prohibitions on the patentability of plant and animal varieties were repealed.

Flow chart of Indonesian patent system:

Flow Chart of Indonesian Patent System

*Diagram from Access International Patent web site (

Recent Changes in Indonesian Patent Law

On October 5, 2004, Indonesia issued a compulsory license for the antiretroviral drugs lamivudine and nevirapine. The license is for government use, and includes a royalty rate of 0.5% of the net selling value.

Availability of Patent Data and Patent Search Capability

Indonesia has added a patent search tool to its web site. To access the search interface, go to the main web page and click "paten" at the top of the left hand menu. This takes you to a search form for entering patent search terms.

Plant Breeders Rights

Indonesia enacted a Plant Variety Protection law in 2000, and has a sui generis system. Indonesia is not a member of the UPOV.

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